Anti-tells are character behaviors which reduce the sniper's suspicion that they are the spy. Snipers typically lowlight characters exhibiting these anti-tells.

Hard Anti-tells Edit

The following behaviors, when observed accurately, positively eliminate a character as the spy:

  • Not being in a conversation circle with at least one other character when "banana bread" is heard
  • Taking a drink from Toby's tray while "banana bread" is uttered
  • Being outside of a conversation circle which contains more than one person in which nobody is talking for several seconds

Soft Anti-tells Edit

The following behaviors, while technically possible for the spy to perform, are more likely to be done by NPCs, due to their difficulty or hindrance in completing missions.

  • While walking, bouncing multiple times with the same guest head-on at the very same moment
  • Walking towards the briefcase, then instantaneously changing path as soon as another guest picks it up ("briefcase redirect")
  • Taking a sip of their drink during "banana bread"
  • Spending a long time (more than one minute) in the same conversation