Build 2056, also known as Megabuild, introduced many changes that shifted the way that SpyParty plays. Megabuild was released on June 23rd, after much delay due to bugs which emerged when it was supposed to be released. Build 2056 was succeeded by build 2079.

Release NotesEdit

I didn't get to everything I wanted to before I start spectation, so there will be a Daughter of Megabuild at some point soon.

  • add crlf to whole chat log ctrl-c copy so notepad.exe works
  • strip x says: or x whispers: if it's at the beginning of a single line ctrl-c copy, yay urls!
  • add gameid confirm message to avoid junking game bug due to canceled starts
  • swap statue bad test - wait until action test is over, flicker longer
  • swap statue good test - don't timeout during pending, go to OT, closest available npc comes over, statue swaps instantly when they bring it to looking idle
  • swap statue preview modes for these changes
  • prevent npcs and spy from picking up ghost statues
  • in practice: ctrl-m resets missions, shift-m adds time, ctrl-shift-m does both
  • fix multiple characters picking up statues at the same time
  • stop keyboard beep on alt keys
  • change add time to 45 seconds
  • treat book holding as one handed when not reading
  • handle case where ambassador/scientist picks something up while handing briefcase over
  • retry briefcase putdown on path failure as well
  • don't crash on non-text data in clipboard
  • try to get unstuck if we're failing to path because our start point is blocked
  • don't read a book you're not holding if you're failing to get to the bookshelf
  • don't freeze if you can't put the briefcase down, just move a bit to a new spot
  • wait before picking up the statue
  • add /win x y w h maximized borderless command
  • oh man, actually tick situations in scored order, yikes! will this change things?
  • display highlit and lowlit characters on results screen
  • display waiting text on waiting for results screen
  • separate y invert setting for mouse and gamepad
  • handle case where sniper shoots too late given the time sync
  • write game result to log
  • don't show mouse cursor when waiting for results
  • don't sample keyboard when chat is up in results screen
  • don't let mouse down state affect spy camera movement
  • /ping command for testing peer-to-peer network connection - hopefully will help with "greeting" and "sniper accept" bugs
  • more handling of briefcase put down and then started moving
  • sample spy keys async instead of doing up/down processing to avoid losing ups on focus change
  • more explicit duplicate login prompt
  • allow briefcase pickup with just right hand
  • fixing spy walking away with briefcase while putting down
  • better phrasing of game results everywhere
  • disable attachment lerp on detach so statues don't erroneously end up on the floor
  • prevent focus changing mouse presses from interacting with game
  • fix drinks.cpp crash, animation was getting freed out from under the events
  • more play id checking to avoid issues with old packets coming in when starting games
  • don't pick up briefcase for a while if you've given up
  • initialize the statues before game start
  • use ConnectTime to register player since LoginTime not available yet, fixing beta homepage display
  • listen pauses
  • don't prompt to escape from practice menu
  • fix problem with shift key not working after sniping somebody with gamepad
  • tells for bailing on banana bread okay and bad action test
  • fake banana bread available when mission selected but not enabled
  • add escape confirmation to results screen
  • remove escape confirmation from practice screen
  • don't hide mouse cursor on sniper game start waiting screens so you can adjust your window
  • wait a bit after disposing of book as well
  • log some more connection info
  • pause at bookshelf before picking up book...enough time to seduce?
  • add CancelInteraction everwhere there's an action test and it's bailed on
  • be clear that the first whisper was delivered
  • better newline handling in lobbyclient assert logs
  • verify overtime on sniper machine before beeping
  • flash window when in background and beeps happen
  • fix spy missions in practice sniper
  • think I fixed the levitating characters by the briefcase bug
  • add SpyWatchID to holding_right to block animations (especially bug) while checking watch
  • expiring actions to avoid accidental banana bread triggers
  • ctrl/shoulder slam all the way to highlight/lowlight
  • single level highlight and lowlight
  • new inspect statues with inspecting neighboring statues
  • pedestal works with disposable holding, drinks, briefcase, like bookshelves
  • play clank sound when teleporting statue back
  • add layer attribute for hittest ignore and don't hittest muntin bars with laser
  • hittest columns with laser on both spy and sniper view
  • wait a bit after putting book away
  • make briefcase non-infinite and fix spiral search to deal with max open value
  • make pathTestOpen take rectangle for anisotropic queries and fix bookcase pileup
  • don't crash or delete krb5 files on duplicate login
  • gl and cpuid info to log and journal
  • sometimes interrupted people finish talking completely

I really should not have shoved so much stuff into a single build, but it feels pretty good. I'm sure there are some bugs, as well, but I think this build is a subtle but significant step forward in continuing to increase the depth of the game.


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