Build 2092 succeeded build 2079 on July 16th, 2012. Build 2091 was released but had some initial issues, so build 2092 was pushed out quickly in response.

Release NotesEdit

More fixes. If you ever get the Greeting or Sniper Accept connection issues, please both do /pings and post your logs on the correct bug. I'm getting closer to tracking this one down, but I need more /ping results from different pairs of people experiencing the problem.

  • more /ping logging to try to track down connection issues in pseudo tcp layer
  • rebindable movement and action scroll keys...see README.txt
  • block action if doing walk coughs
  • cough twice if you bail out of convo too soon after bbread
  • don't overwrite screenshots in the same second
  • keep blocking until hide is completely done so that book doesn't go one-handed
  • restore color if somebody picks up neighboring inspecting statue
  • I think I fixed the repeat pickup/putdown npc statue swap bug, maybe.
  • intel_hd_3000_workaround in prop file

Hopefully the NPCs will swap the statues correctly now. Hopefully.


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