Courtyard I
Missions Features
Bug Ambassador  
Purloin Guest List  
Seduce Target 4 conversation circles
Contact Double Agent 2 suspected double agents
Transfer Microfilm 0 bookcases
Swap Statue 3 statues
Inspect Statues 2 statue inspections
Fingerprint Ambassador 2 fingerprints
Special map features
Quickplay hash: 0xb4cf686b

Courtyard (often called Courtyard I to disambiguate it from its sibling Courtyard II) is a map in SpyParty. The distinctive feature of the Courtyard maps is the fact that the sniper can move continuously around the perimeter. The sniper also has a nearly complete view of the map, save for the area obscured by the central pedestal. The chief feature that distinguishes this map from Courtyard II is that it has three alcoves with one statue each, instead of two alcoves with two statues each.

Mission Specifics Edit

  • Bug Ambassador: The sniper can see almost the entire map at once, so bugging can be difficult.
  • Contact Double Agent: The sniper has a good view of the map and can typically identify those who are not in conversation when contact is made with reasonable ease. If the spy is careful, they can sometimes give up only one or two lowlights.
  • Transfer Microfilm: The mission is not available due to the absence of bookcases.
  • Swap Statue: There are three statues, one in each of the three alcoves around the central pillar. The pillar provides pretty good cover for the spy to perform the swap.
  • Inspect Statues: Because there is only one statue per alcove, there is no opportunity to inspect adjacent statues. The pillar can hide the spy from a sniper located on the opposite side.
  • Seduce Target: The standard quickplay has many partygoers, making it difficult to keep track of who is being too friendly with whom.
  • Purloin Guest List: The sniper has a reasonably good viewing angle and can almost see the entire map at once. Only the cover provided by the central pedestal and the high number of partygoers in the standard quickplay works in the spy's favor here.
  • Fingerprint Ambassador: With no bookcases, your options are limited to statues or the briefcase.

Standard Quickplays Edit

  • Turing's Revenge
    • Any 4 of 7 (Transfer Microfilm not available)
    • 16 guests
    • 3:00

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